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Already Been Done? Do It Anyway.

As a Myers-Briggs professional and someone who writes and teaches on the topic A LOT, my constant struggle is this one nagging thought: ‘It's already been done. It's already been written. Someone has already written/spoken/taught on that subject/angle/topic.’

A curriculum that teaches us our identity in Christ? Done. A book on the relationship between Myers-Briggs types and spiritual gifts? Also done. (And sitting on my own bookshelf, for Pete’s sake.) An article exploring the different ways each of the types can raise their emotional intelligence? A quick Google search, and ooh… yup… there it is. Oh look! There's actually 13 articles on the topic. Fantastic.

Let’s face it, the Myers-Briggs — which is now over 70 years young — is, at long last, trending. And bloggers on it? Also trending.

And it’s not just the Myers-Briggs. I talk to lots of people who talk about writing on ____ or creating ____, but it’s “already been done.”

Let’s face it. It’s already been done, guys. That book you wanna write? It’s already been written. That curriculum you would love to design and publish? Yup, there’s something out there a lot like that. That thing you wanna create? I found one last week on Etsy that’s almost identical.

Game over. Someone else beat you to it.

Now, here’s my challenge to you: Do it anyway.

You heard me right. But in case you didn't, let me say it again in an unnaturally annoying fake accent: GO ON WITH YO BAD SELF AND DO YO THANG.

I recently watched a video of author Jen Hatmaker who encouraged her viewers that “there’s always room at the table for… another writer, another book, another teacher, speaker, leader, non-profit, dreamer. There’s room at the table; it is not a small table. We will pull up another chair for you…”

But what she said next blew my mind: “Don’t imagine, ‘Everything’s already been said.’ Well, basically, everything HAS already been said!"

{record scratch} WAIT, WHAT?!

That's so not encouraging, Jen!

But she continues: "But there’s still room for more. There’s room for you to say it the way YOU’RE going to say it. There’s room for you to lead it the way YOU’RE going to lead it. Don’t let scarcity rule your mindset.”

Scarcity. A scarcity mindset might say something like, ‘There’s only one person on the entire planet who can and should do/say/create this, and if someone else gets to it first, then I lose and should go do something else.’

Lies. All lies.

Here is the Big Sneaky Lie that stops us from pursuing all those creative endeavors that God has put on our hearts to do: “We only have need of one, singular viewpoint and one, singular voice and one, singular style on this topic, and I’m sorry to inform you that someone else beat you to it. You have nothing fresh or relevant or valuable to add to this conversation. So, thank you very much, but you can trash this idea and move along to your next one. (And hopefully no one else has already taken that.) We don’t need you here.”

What. A. Load. Of. Crap.

Seriously, I have to fight this stupid lie more than any other in my particular line of work, and I know lots of other people do, too. People in all different lines of work.

Let's be real. Even King Solomon told us that "there is nothing new under the sun." Like Jen tells us, everything HAS already been said. But not by you. And that makes it worth saying.

I have to remind myself daily that no one has written/spoken/taught on these topics from my particular point of view, or with my voice, or with my life experience, or with my unnaturally annoying fake accent. The truth is: I bring something to this project, to this article, to this book that no one else can bring. I bring me.

I want to encourage you to pursue the things that are burning on your heart and not be stopped by the lie that they should only be done once, or by one person. Sure, it’s already been done. Yep, you have 36 bookmarked Pinterest sites and blog articles to prove it. So do I.

Do it anyway.

I’ve been stopped or stalled in my creative endeavors by this one lie so many times that I decided it was time to write an article on the subject and expose it for the crap that it is. Even though I’m sure that an article like this one has been done before.

But it’s never been done by me.

© 2016 Michele Kus, M.A.