MBTI® Step I™ Personal Impact Report

The MBTI® Personal Impact Report is the most thorough MBTI® Step I™ report available. This report is designed to help you make use of your MBTI results so that you can better understand yourself and others and improve the interactions in your daily life and work.


This report can help you:

  • Improve communication and teamwork as you gain awareness of the personality differences you see in others
  • Work more effectively with those who may approach problems and decisions very differently than you do
  • Navigate your work and personal relationships with more insight and effectiveness
  • Understand your preferences for learning and work environments and the activities and work you most enjoy doing
  • More successfully manage the everyday conflicts and stresses that work and life may bring


This option includes a highly detailed, 26-page .pdf report ONLY. You may add an additional one-hour follow-up phone or video call with Michele to your cart if you wish to talk live. (Click here to see a sample of this report.)

MBTI® Step I™ Personal Impact Report