MBTI® Step II Instructions

Things to Know About the MBTI Assessment

The MBTI contains “forced-choice” questions, which means that you will choose one of two possible answers to each question. Although the MBTI is not timed, please don’t spend a lot of time thinking over and analyzing your answers. In most cases, your first or gut response is the best one. If you truly can’t decide how to answer a question, just skip it.

There are two different kinds of questions on the MBTI: situation questions (“Would you rather do this or that?”) and word preference pairs (“Which word to you prefer, this or that?”). Read the instructions to both sections carefully and answer according to what feels most like you when you feel most “yourself.” Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. The MBTI is measuring your preferences, so with each question, all you have to decide is which answer you like better, which you prefer, which feels more comfortable or more like you.

If you find you are getting really stuck during the assessment, feel free to take it with a close friend or spouse sitting next to you who is willing to keep you honest with yourself as you work your way through the questions.

You may get the feeling that the MBTI is asking the same thing over and over. People who are especially tuned in to patterns may notice patterns on the MBTI. Don’t feel pressured to try to answer the questions “consistently” throughout the entire assessment. Instead, take each question as it comes and answer each one with whichever preference feels more like you in that particular situation. 

What Happens Once I've Finished? 

I will get an email notifying me that you have completed your assessment. I will then process your results and email them to you in a lengthy interpretive report. This report is typically around 18 pages long and usually requires a bit of explanation, so you may wish to schedule a phone call to talk over your results and to ask any questions you may have. During our conversation, we will find your "best fit" type, which may or may not match your initial MBTI result.

Your Step II Interpretive Report includes your Step I result (your 4-letter MBTI type), as well as your results on 20 facets of personality. This report will be yours to keep and will help you understand how you uniquely approach things like communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution. It will shed light on your strengths and potential blind spots. Keep this document handy as you might want to refer to it as you encounter various situations and various personalities.

Discovering your Myers-Briggs type (and what it all means!) is a huge step in the journey of self-understanding and self-awareness for most people. I appreciate your trusting me as you take this step. I think you'll enjoy this journey and find it very rewarding.


Most of all... relax, enjoy, and have fun!